Gambling Videos

Gambling Videos

Videos are appropriate for individual clients, spouses and family members who have concerns about gambling in their lives. Videos are a valuable resource for client’s and/or family information and education. Adding this visual and concrete dimension is helpful for specific issues.

Protocol of how to use the videos with Clients
1. May be viewed as a whole or as a part.
2.  Viewing by individual and/or family followed by discussion.
3. Viewing and note taking by individual and/or family followed by discussion.
4. Viewing may or may not be with a counsellor.

48 Hours - CBS TV
Tollfree number in some provinces in Canada (not in Ontario) 1-800-843-0048 or Call CBS TV (802) 862-8881. Ask for Ordering Department and quote tape for "48 Hours"
by name and date:
Gambling Fever 01/15/92.
Cost US $ 59.95 plus US $4.95
Shipping to Canada
Description: VHS Audience: all clients

Vignettes of interviews with gamblers, professional gamblers and problem gamblers. Jim, the first client interviewed, introduces some cognitive distortions typical of gamblers and provides a social cost profile to the gambler, family and community. A second client is a woman in treatment who illustrates the effects of gambling other family members. 
The following include clips that may be specifically useful for particular clients:
Jim—very useful for clients who minimize the effects of their gambling behaviour such as expecting the prison system to bear the responsibility for ‘getting fixed’ rather than themselves; not taking ownership for their problem. Many examples of cognitive distortions are observable.
Lorraine—for women gamblers and spouses of a women gamblers. Illustrates the
effects of a mother’s gambling on her children and the emotional effect on her husband. Reviews the relationship of intergenerational gambling with Lorraine’s mother.
Examines dual addiction and how recovery from gambling is different from recovery involving substance abuse.
Tim—useful for people who think relocation or moving will ‘make everything better.’ The contrasting message presented is that ‘the ownership of the problem belongs to you.

Compulsive Gambling: The Invisible Disease
1993 Produced by the Department of Psychiatry, St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center of New York
Purchase from:
Carle Media, 110 W. Main St.,
Urbana Il USA 61801
Tel: (217) 384-4838 Fax: (217) 384-8280
Description: VHS Running Time: 20 min.
Audience: general adult, health care professionals.

Compulsive Gambling effectively mixes historical and current clips of gambling. In candid interviews with recovering gamblers, the video debunks the stereotype of gamblers as ‘idle never do wells’. Interviews with three experts directly involved in the care of compulsive gamblers reveal both the scope of the problem and the differences among professionals in its diagnosis. This video is useful for persons who need to know the facts about why people gamble and the devastation it causes.

Easy Money, Hard Times 1993
Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling 47 Clapboard Hill Rd. Ste. 6 Guilford, CT 06437 USA

Tel: (203) 453-0138
E-mail: [email protected]
Cost: US $ 75.00 and shipping
Description: VHS Running Time: 20 min. Audience: general adult

This video provides an overview or problem gambling, the effects of increased accessibility, the prevalence of problem gambling, the impact of the gambler on the family, and treatment and support options. There is a strong message of the moral changes that happen to a gambler in the downward spiral stages. This video
can be shown to all clients in an individual or group setting.

Effects of Compulsive Gambling on the Marriage. and Can this Marriage Recover?
Arnie & Sheila Wexler Associates
213 Third Avenue, Bradley Beach,
New Jersey USA 07720
Tel: (732) 774-0019

E-mail: [email protected] URL:
Cost: Effects of Compulsive Gambling on the Marriage US $295.00
Can this Marriage Recover? US $295.00 Set of both videos US $495.00
Audience: general adult, health care professionals
Can this Marriage Recover?
Description: VHS Running Time: 23 minutes

From the point of helplessness and hopelessness, to 25 years of recovery, the viewer will be led through various changes that lead from personal recovery to the healing of a marriage. This video is useful for two people who are working hard to understand gambling and their relationship.The video compliments the stages of the V-chart. Useful for: Excellent to be viewed at home with couple. Works well with the stages of the V-chart and should be shown together with the Effects on Compulsive Gambling on the Marriage. Viewers are left with a final message of how the marriage can survive within the complex dynamics of close relationships.

Effects of Compulsive Gambling on the Marriage
Description: VHS Running Time: 43 minutes

This video follows the stages of progression of the gambler and the spouse. Through personal sharing, viewer will experience, first hand the devastation of compulsive gambling on a marital relations as the spiral of
gambling addiction impacts on every aspect of their lives.

Exploring the Gambling Experience 1995
AADAC Resource Development and Marketing
10909 Jasper Avenue, 2nd Floor
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3M9
Tel: 1-800-280-9616  Fax: (403) 422-5237

Description: VHS Running Time: 54 min. Audience: general adult

This video is composed of three modules. Module one centers on assessment and introduces viewers to two problem gamblers and the therapist who endeavors to help both. Marjory, a young mother, is fascinated with video lottery terminals (VLTs) and has lost control when she begins taking money from her son’s piggybank, lies to family members and spends and increasing amount of time and money gambling. The second client, Bill, has difficulty staying out of casinos and has gambled away $5,000 of his client’s money which he has ‘borrowed’. As a result, Bill loses his job.
Viewers observe the step-by-step process of motivational counselling as the therapist assesses each client’s problems in private counselling sessions. Module two explores triggers for problem gamblers, such as one’s proximity to gambling opportunities, and the various motivations that drives problem gamblers. Coping strategies and issues surrounding relapse prevention plans are presented. Module three focuses on issues that may be related to problem gambling such as family background and dynamics.

"BALANCE" Problem Gambling Awareness for Aboriginal Communites across B.C.
Description: VHS Running Time: 22 min. Audience: Aboriginal and general adult

This video was produced to raise awareness of the issues related to problem gambling in Aboriginal Communites across th eprovince.  It carries a message of hope for individuals, familes and communites, expressed by adults and youth affected by problem gambling.  Answers are found with a return to traditions and cultural ways.
Produced by the Aboriginal  consultants to the Problem Gambling Program in B.C.

Hooked: A Gambler’s Nightmare 1996
AADAC Resource Development and Marketing 10909 Jasper Avenue, 2nd Floor
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3M9
Tel:1-800-280-9616  Fax: (403) 422-5237
Cost $99 plus tax & shipping
Description: VHS Running Time: 15 min.
Audience: general, health professionals: workplace; youth aged 15-18

This fast paced production is divided into four parts: winning, losing, desperation, and exhaustion, each accompanied by a commentary by AADAC experts and case histories of clients in each stage. The story of two families whose lives are impacted by problem gambling (youth and adult) is presented. In an honest and emotionally revealing manner the problem gamblers speak about the impact of gambling on their lives, their families and the healing process of recovery. The prevalence of gambling among adolescents is also explored through peer and adult perceptions of the gambling issue. This video is useful for families in a group viewing, whether in home or agency. It is helpful for viewers to write down points and discuss later.

Minor Bettors, Major Problems
CFCG Toronto
Tel: (416) 499-9800

Cost:  $100
Description: VHS Running Time: 32 min Audience: teens 12-18, family members

A compelling view of teenage gambling in North America. Leading authorities illustrate how and why teens love to gamble. Moving interviews with teens and parents are presented as well as the effects problem gamblers have on their families. This video is useful for adolescents struggling with gambling and family members and friends of teens who gamble. Although produced in the U.S., CFCG has adapted this video to include statistics from Canada.

Liking Yourself
Abraham J. & Twerski, M.D.
Gateway Rehabilitation Center
Moffett Run Rd. Aliquippa,
PA USA 15001
Tel: (412) 766-8700

Description: VHS Running time: 27 minutes Audience: general adult

A video presented on self-esteem and recovery that speaks to the perceptions and distortions of an addicted person and how difficult it is to see one’s own true self. Enlarges on the fear of rejection and how people put up barriers from those who would like to help them. Encourages clients to open up one’s self to receive feedback from another’s perspective. Dr. Twerski illustrates these points with personal stories that express and reinforce the worth and goodness in people.

Liking Yourself: Part II
Abraham J. & Twerski, M.D.

Description: VHS
Part II expands on the role of self destructive behaviours and explores the fear of
failure and responsibility. Discusses the fourth step of a 12 step program on
sponsorship and communications.

One Last Bet 1998
Roynn Lisa Simmons & Christopher Armentano
Connecticut Public Television & Radio
240 New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: (860) 278-5310  Fax: (860) 278-2157

Description: VHS Running Time: 57 min.

This excellent documentary covers the latest scientific research on problem gambling and sheds light on the search for the causes of this addiction. Myths and stereotypes of problem gamblers are replaced with real portraits of problem gamblers. The program provides hope to its viewers at it shares addicts’ struggles to recover, to gain support and appropriate treatment, to rebuild lives that have fallen apart and to reach out to others beset by the same problem.

Problem Gambling: The Healing Circle
1995 AADAC Resource Development and Marketing 10909 Jasper Avenue, 2nd Floor Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3M9
Tel: 1-800-280-9616  Fax: (403) 422-5237

Cost $99 plus tax & shipping ISBN 0-7732-1544-1
Description: VHS Running Time: 12 min.
Audience: First Nations, youth, and general adult.

Recent surveys indicate that there is a high rate of problem gambling among Native populations. Some proposed reasons for this include personal and cultural grief. This video looks at Native-specific approaches to treating such complex issues. Recovering personas and counsellors in recovery recount personal experiences of overcoming gambling addictions. This video is appropriate for all ages and offers a hope that problems experienced by Native people with gambling will be eliminated through the use of culturally appropriate interventions.

Romancing the Odds
Nova Scotia Government Bookstore
1 Government Place
1700 Grenville St., Ground Floor, P.O. Box 637
Halifax, Nova Scotia V3J 2T3
Tel: (902) 424-7580  Fax: (902) 424-5599
E-mail: Wendy Lucian
[email protected]
Cost: $125 Shipping $5.00 Description: VHS Running Time: 39 min.

Audience: general adult, youth, health care professionals, families of gamblers.
This video relays a strong message to gamblers about borrowing and conning for funds or resources to gamble and the realty of how to pay money owing when you have no funds left. An illustration of the dissociation or trans-like state of electronic gaming gamblers is shown and viewers observe a teacher in a classroom presenting on gambling odds and irrational thinking. This video is useful for males and females caught in addictions to video lottery terminals or slot machines, as well as family members and adolescent gamblers.

Selling Hope 1994 CBC TV
Tollfree number in some provinces in Canada (not in Ontario) 1-800- 843-0048 or Call
CBC TV (416) 205-3482. Ask for Ordering Department and quote tape ‘Selling Hope’ for Man Alive productions.
Cost US $ 90.00 plus $4.95 Shipping to Canada
Description: VHS Running Time: 30 min. Audience: general

The narrator begins by stating, "The hope industry is booming". With recent changes in gambling laws, casino operation and gambling machines have been flourishing. Professional gamblers are interviewed — some success stories and some stories of hope turning into despair as gambling takes over. An interview with a man reveals his addiction as so severe that he lost so much money at a machine in a local store that the owner had the machine removed. The video concludes with an examination of a residential treatment
program in Philadelphia.

Spare Time, Spare Cash 1996
AADAC Resource Development and Marketing10909 Jasper Avenue, 2nd Floor
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 3M9
Tel: 1-800-280-9616 Fax: (403) 422-5237

Description: VHS Running Time: 23 min.
Audience: students aged 12 to 18

This fast-paced video uses computer graphics and live-action to explore the gambling habits and ideas adolescents have about gambling. The program is divided into three sections on different aspects of teen gambling. The first section, ‘Betting’, adventures to define gambling and to find out why and how often teens gamble. Section two, ‘Motives, Winning/Losing’ tackles feelings and risk taking, especially involving money. Section three, ‘Consequences’ looks at problem gambling and how to stop the fun game of chance from turning into a dangerous addiction. A teacher’s guide is available.

Gambling in Aboriginal culture
Current issues
Healthy lifestyle choices
A return to traditional cultural values
How to find help when needed

Running time:  22 minutes

This video highlights the changes in gambling behaviour in Aboriginal communities
over the centuries.

Originally, gambling in Aboriginal culture was a way to socialize, bringing different tribes together for healthy competition.  Players used multiple skills and strength to outwit opponents.  Games were part of a celebration, along with singing and drumming.

Today, a different kind of gambling is available.  It requires little or no skill, does not bring tribes together and there is no drumming or singing.

This video profiles several people who had serious problems related to excess gambling until they sought help.  It also portrays the effects that problem gambling can have on families and how young people can learn from this and make healthier choices for themselves and their communities.

Awareness is the key to responsible gambling.
Produced by the Problem Gambling Program Aboriginal Specialists, with the assistnace of government and the BC Lottery Corporation.

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