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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) www.gov.ab.ca/aadac
AADAC provides information and service resources for problem gamblers and has produces a significant amount of valuable material on gambling for health care professionals and problem gamblers. The AADAC site offers a list of warning signs for problem gambling and a self-assessment test, as well as specific information and service links for women and native problem gamblers.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
www.agco.on.ca/en/ c.gaming/c.gaming.html
AGCO was established in 1998, under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996. Part of its mandate is to ensure that casino and charitable gaming is conducted in a manner that is socially and financially responsible. The AGCO web site provides access to all current gaming-related forms; laws and regulations; new information; licensing and registration information; hearings and appeals; and up
to date decision summaries.

Christiansen Capital Advisors (CCA).
The Gross Annual Wager of the United States - 1999
Christiansen Capital Advisors (formerly known as Christiansen/Cummings Associates) provide analysis and management services to the professional gambling and entertainment industry. They have performed studies of leisure and entertainment businesses in more than thirty states, provinces and foreign countries. Their focus is particularly on gaming and wagering.

CT Clearinghouse Fact Sheet
on Teenage Gambling
This website contains a fact sheet provided by the Connecticut Clearinghouse, a
program of Wheeler Clinic, Inc., funded by the Department of Mental Health and
Addiction Services.  Included are statistics on teenage gambling as well as information
on where help may be sought.

Eastern Washington University - School of Social Work and Human Services - 'Women who took their life back from compulsive gambling' www.sswhs.ewu.edu/gambling/ aboutresearch.html
This project is designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of the recovery process of women who are compulsive gamblers. The results of the survey will be posted on the web site in March 2001. More detailed results of the project will be published in the social work and addictions field professional journals.

Find 11 www.find11.com/newsearch/gambling%20and%20house%20percentage
This web site contains updates and information on gambling activities around the world.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) http://www.find11.com/newsearch/gambling%20and%20house%20percentage
Gamblers Anonymous is a self help group of men and women who share their past and present experiences of struggling through gambling addictions, relying on one another to solve their common problem. GA is not allied with any politics, sect, denomination or institution and there are no dues or fees for membership. This site provides information on the purpose and description of GA and contact locations in areas across Canada and the United States. This site also provides information and contacts for Gam-Anon, a group of men and women who are husbands, wives, relatives or close friends of problem gamblers. They provide support and seek solutions to living with this problem.

GamblingSolutions www.gamblingsolutions.net
GamblingSolutions' mission is to help colleges and high schools in minimizing the destructive effects of problem gambling.  The company provides training and consultation services to administrators, faculty, counselors and students.

Gerry Cooper’s Problem Gambling: A Canadian Perspective Web Site www.icewall.vianet.on.ca/pages/ gcooper/Index.html
This web site has been designed to promote a greater understanding of current internet resources regarding problem gaming. Gerry Cooper, a program director at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Sudbury, Ontario critiques these resources in the context of the Canadian experience. This site is assembled for the following audience: professionals including addiction, mental health, and social service workers, those concerned about their own gambling behaviour, friends and families of problem gamblers, policy makers and educators.

Journal of Gambling Studies www.wkap.nl/aims_scope.htm/1050-5350
Journal of Gambling Studies, co-sponsored by the National Council on Problem Gambling and the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming, is an interdisciplinary forum for the dissemination of information on gambling behaviour and the problems that are related to it. Articles published in the journal represent
various disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, sociology, political science, criminology and social work.

National Centre for Responsible Gambling www.ncrg.org
The National Center for Responsible Gaming was established to assist individuals and families affected by adolescent problem gambling. It is the first national (U.S.) organization devoted exclusively to the funding of basic and applied scientific research on problem and underage gambling. This site provides quality resources for researchers, treatment providers, problem gamblers, links to related organizations, and gaming industry links such as the National Indian Gaming Association and the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries.

National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling www.ncalg.org
The NCALG was established with the objective of opposing the gambling industry in every forum at every level. In 1994-95, NCALG led successful battles to stop gambling casinos in seventeen states, including victories in six statewide referenda. Among its activities, NCALG will fight for a new federal law to curtail gambling mania; provide research, technical and fundraising support to state groups battling the expansion of gambling; travel across the country to organize at the grassroots level; reach to other national, state and local groups for support, especially in the fields or retail business, entertainment, mental health and law enforcement; and, will act as a clearinghouse through its National Information Centre and anti-gambling Internet site.

National Collegiate Athletic Association www.ncaa.org/gambling
This website discusses how the growth of gambling has led to a significant increase in the number of sports wagering-related cases processed by the NCAA, its position and initiatives in response to this problem.

React Magazine www.react.com
React Magazine is where teenagers make news.  There is information on anything from news and sports, to entertainment, advice on dating and shopping.  This website also offers a variety of different quizzes teenagers can take regarding personality, school, love, friendships and sports.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) www.bclc.com
Site containing information about the delivery of gaming in B.C.
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) www.ccsa.ca
CCSA is a national agency that was established in 1988 and is funded by Canada’s Drug Strategy. The CCSA web site is geared toward an audience of health professionals and now provides information on current research, resource material and services for problem gamblers. Available information includes a catalogue of organizations and activities addressing problem gambling, help lines, an inventory of gambling authorities, a problem gambling database and an inventory of casinos.

The Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario) www.responsiblegambling.org
The RGC(O)) is a coming together of recovering gamblers and community volunteers. Other activities that RCG(O) is involved with include prevention and awareness programs, building community service networks, research and public policy change. This site provides resource material, links to counselling and support services in Ontario, problem gambling projects and other related organizations. The web site also provides access to Newslink, a newsletter produced quarterly by RCGO that contains information about responsible and problem gambling. The newsletter is aimed to assist care providers, thegaming industry, libraries, politicians and schools as it provides an ongoing and convenient summary of developments around Ontario and the world.  RCGO also has InfoSource, a service that provides information on problem gambling, prevention and awareness issues, what is being reported in the media, connections and more.

The Electronic Journal of Gambling
Issues: eGambling (EJGI)
The Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues: eGambling (EJGI) offers an Internet-based forum for peer-reviewed articles on research, policy, treatment, first person accounts of gambling experiences, reviews (books, videos, Web sites) and letters to the editor. The EJGI publishes articles about gambling as a social phenomenon and the prevention and treatment of gambling problems; our aim is to help make sense of how gambling affects us all. Copies and subscriptions are free through the website.

The National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc. www.ncpgambling.org
Established in 1972, the National Council on Problem Gambling is a non-profit health agency that provides information about problem gambling and promotes the
development of services that target problem gamblers. This cite provides information on professional training and conferences in available and resources and links are
available for problem gamblers.

Kaiser Foundation www.kaiserfoundation.ca
The Kaiser Foundation website is a clearinghouse for information and resources targeted at those working in the field of substance use and addiction.

The Wager www.thewager.org
The Weekly Addiction Gambling Education Report is a public education research bulletin published by the Division on Addictions at Harvard Medical School. The Wager provides the public with the latest research and resource information on problem gambling. Information is drawn from a number of different fields such as anthropology, genetics, history and psychology to illuminate the current efforts of health care professionals and researchers in the pursuit to help problem gamblers.

Wanna Bet www.wannabet.org
An on-line magazine for youth concerned about gambling and/or coping with a gambling addiction. Aimed at younger adolescents aged 10 to 15. Teens can ask questions in an informative and non-threatening environment. Wanna Bet is quarterly produced and back issues are available.


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