Support for Families and Friends of Gamblers

Berman, Linda & Siegel, Mary-Ellen. (1999). Behind the 8-Ball: A Guide for Families of Gamblers. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster
This is a supportive guide written for spouses, children, siblings, friends and coworkers of problem gamblers. Gamblers will also find it motivational as one struggles to recover. This book provides information that will help the reader understand the financial, legal
and emotional results that occur when gambling becomes a problem and explains
how to gain control.

Cronin, Dawn lsw and Vig, Lisa. LAC, CGC. What About ME, Too?
Helping Children Understand and Cope with a Parent’s Gambling Addiction.
Fargo, ND: David Roach Agency.

This is a small group workbook for children between the age 7 to 13 years. The focus is on helping children cope with the impact of gambling on the family. Eight sessions help the child to understand his/her experiences, to express emotion, and to develop or strengthen coping strategies.

Custer, Robert L. (1985). When Luck Runs Out: Help for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families. New York, NY: Facts on File.
This book begins with a narrative about the life of a gambler and follows up with how to recognize and diagnose problem gambling, treatment and aid for friends and families of problem gamblers. Resources for problem gamblers are also included. This book is primarily for the gambler but is a useful read for those helping problem gamblers and families affected by the gambling habits of one member.

Heinerman, Mary. (1992). Losing your Shirt: Recovery for Compulsive Gamblers and their Families. Minneapolis, MN: CompCare Publishers.
The focus of this practical book is assistance for the marriages of compulsive gamblers. It offers compelling stories from gamblers and families in recovery. The book begins with an informative question-answer section to describe problem gambling and follows up with motivational and treatment information such as methods of recovery for the addict and coping skills for family members. This book is very easy to read and is designed to support gamblers and their spouses.

Saskatchewan Health. (   ) The Problem Gambling Family Resource Guide. Saskatchewan.
This guide has been developed to provide families and friends with information about problem gambling. It includes information about the impact of problem gambling on families, children and the financial consequences. Most importantly, the guide encourages those affected by problem gamblers to get help and provides resources
on where to get it.


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